Motaku’s Mission:

To reintroduce both traditional and current popular Japanese and Asian culture to the current generation of anime fans. To educate the community on global artistic, philosophical, and cultural contributions from Japan and Asia. To facilitate the free exchange of ideas and cultural interaction between Asian and American Culture. To raise interest in Asian culture and Asian cultural opportunities in the community.


Make regular donations to and raise interest in groups that promote Asian cultural awareness within the Kansas City Metro Area and abroad.

Sponsor cultural exhibits through partnerships with local libraries, colleges, high schools and other outlets.


To premiere and offer the newest, most in-demand anime series for viewing.

To invite the most in-demand american anime industry representatives, voice-actors, artistic and musical guests as well as Japanese anime industry guests, voice actors, artistic, musical and cultural guests; and to facilitate the free exchange of ideas between them.

To operate the convention with the highest standards of professionalism in relations to the industry, convention attendees, guests, performers, etc.

To offer the best of current anime panels, industry info panels, as well as traditional Asian and Asian popular cultural info panels.

To offer the best in both current popular Asian culture and traditional Asian artistic and musical performers.

To offer the best workshops in current trends in popular Asian culture such as fashion as well as traditional Asian crafts and art.

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