Thank You!

Well, Motaku 2009 is over.  The staff are checked out of the rooms, the guests on their trips home, the hotel paid off, the equipment still sitting in staff vehicles….

Thanks a bunch for making it all possible, we are very very happy to have been able to provide you all with a great weekend of entertainment, and we hope to see you next year.  Thank you to everyone who attended, thatnks more if you told friends to come, and/or filled out our feedback form(the raffle will be in a week or so).

Thanks to our fantastic hotel staff, who graciously allowed Spike to cook, and made sure anything we needed happened withing 30 minutes.

Thank you to Spike, for daring to try something new and cooking some kick ass food while the con chair lit the table on fire.

Thank you Sophie and FUNimation for the massive amount of swag, the great panels, and the awesome free Ichi posters.

Thanks to all the awesome staff who worked so hard to keep things as on track as possible, and to all the panelists who did some pretty wicked stuff.  Also thanks to our DJs who we landed on incredibly short notice, the sound was awesome(thanks to Lear for the equipment loan).

To anyone we forgot to thank:  Sorry, and thank you!

We will have some more stuff up soon about next year and suches, but we are all going to sleep for a few days first!

Thanks again everyone, for attending, and for reading this really long thank you.