Are you interested in how a convention works?  Have you always wanted to see behind the scenes?  Want to earn cool rewards like free pizza?

Then come and work with us!  We love to see new faces, and welcome you to attend any staff meetings, which are always announced on our news page.  If you just can’t wait for the next meeting, or have trouble making it to a meeting, email us at:


If you want a test run before you jump in to be part of our staff, then please contact us about volunteering.  Volunteers are an important part of every convention and we would love to have your help.  Volunteers are the people who check badges as well as run errands for staff and guests.  As a Volunteer, you can even spend time watching and taking notes at your favorite panels.

Volunteering isn’t all work though, there are some hefty benefits.  As a volunteer you will earn MotakuMoney, which you can spend on swag like DVDs and CDs, or use on con merchandise like tshirts, prints, and buttons, or you can use it to pre-register for next year.