The full schedule will only be available at the con this year, but here are some of the highlights:

4PM-5PM Opening Ceremonies (Main)
5PM-6PM Ninja Weapons of Death with Samurai Dan and Jillian (Main)
7PM-8PM Guest autographs (Workshop)
10PM-1AM Otakurave with guest djs (Main)

11AM-Noon Its In The Bag gameshow with Greggo (Main)
Noon-1PM Get Random with Jessica Calvello (Main)
1PM-2PM Guest Autographs (Workshop)
5PM-6PM Anime Password gameshow with Greggo and other guests (Main)
7PM-9PM Fashion Runway (Main)
10PM-1AM Otakurave with guest djs (Main)

11AM-Noon Ninja Sword Class with Samurai Dan and Jillina (Main)
1PM-2PM Anime Press Your Luck gameshow with Greggo (Main)
2PM-3PM Akitas, Japan’s National Treasure (Main)
3PM-4PM Closing Ceremonies (Main)