Aaaand, We’re Go for 2013! Also, the art contest is back!

The new website is up(and mostly updated), the 2013 Facebook event page is up, the Motaku Facebook has a new header(that matches the website)!  Rumors of our death are obviously greatly exaggerated.

So, firstly, a special Thank You to our featured 2013 artist(responsible for all the lovely Motaku 2013 art) Samantha Nowak Illustrations.  If you happen to be at the KC Renaissance Festival this year, be sure to check out her awesome new booth out there.

Also, with 2013 coming up, it is time to relaunch the Motaku Art Contest!  If you want to be a featured artist, with your art plastered all over everything Motaku prints for a year, this is your chance!  You will get a free table in the artist alley the year your art is featured, and many other perks.  The deadline for submissions is June 15th.